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Toothache Pain Relief – How To Stop Toothache

28th May 2019

The best ever way of stopping a toothache is to prevent it. That is, follow good oral hygiene, and see your dentist regularly. That takes care of most of the normal causes of a toothache which can be a cavity, a loose filling, an abscess in the gum, or even a sinus condition. The only pain condition this care will not resolve is a broken or cracked tooth.

What If You Do Get a Toothache?

If you do develop a toothache, there must be an underlying cause. Only a dentist knows how best to treat and cure that cause. Therefore, you must visit your dentist for a permanent treatment. However, while you are in the process of reaching the dentist the toothache must be stopped. Fortunately, there are multiple home remedies for toothache pain relief, one of which may work. In the following blog post, our Exeter dentist looks at your options, you can get useful information on these remedies.

Apply Clove Oil

Cloves are always present in the kitchen. Clove oil has the effect of numbing the nerve tissue. That happens because of the eugenol present in clove oil. Thus clove oil can act as a natural anesthetic. However, care must be taken in the application of clove oil. It must be applied where needed.

Make sure you do not pour clove oil on the affected area, as it can actually worsen the condition if the oil reaches your gum tissue or the tongue. The best way is to apply clove oil is to soak a cotton ball and place it against the tooth or in the cavity if there is one for 20 minutes. If you do not have clove oil a pinch of powdered clove can be applied. Alternatively, you can try chewing a whole clove with the affected tooth. Oil from the clove should reach the affected spot and relive the pain.

Pain Medication

Over the counter pain medications are also helpful in minimizing the pain associated with different types of dental problems. If the pain does not go away even after taking painkillers, then you must visit your dentist without any delay, as it may be an indication of something more serious.

Ginger-Cayenne Paste

Both are heat-packing spices and readily available at home. Mix with a little water equal parts of these in powder form to make a paste. Apply the paste to a small ball of cotton and place it on your aching tooth. Again, take care to avoid your gum tissue and tongue. Leave it there until the pain goes away or as long as you can bear any burning effect that it may produce.

A combination of these spices is more likely to produce results, but if only one is available that can also help alone. It is said that capsaicin in the cayenne helps to block pain messages to the brain.


Some toothpaste is specially prepared for sensitive teeth. The active ingredient is potassium nitrate. If the pain is due to sensitivity, such kinds of toothpaste can help. Apply the paste and leave it there for some time. However, avoid swallowing as some kind of kinds of toothpaste may have abrasive ingredients.

Swish With Salt Water

Warm saline water has a pain-killing effect and makes a healthy mouth wash. It will wash away harmful debris and draw away harmful fluids. You can create your own sideline solution at home by dissolving 1/2 tsp of salt in a glass containing 250ml of water. It also helps reduce swelling. Swish warm saline water around for about half a minute before spitting it out. repeat the process as long as possible or till relief.

Soothing with Tea

Peppermint is another numbing agent. It also has a nice flavor. Prepare a cup of peppermint tea and when has cooled to an acceptable temperature swish it around. Then swallow it if you lie to enjoy the taste and flavor. Tannins in black tea can also help reduce swelling and pain. You can place a warm moist tea bag against the affected tooth. These teas will not harm the gum or the tongue if they are not too hot.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

Swishing with hydrogen peroxide 3% solution can help kill harmful bacteria and also give a measure of relief in the discomfort. Make sure not to swallow it, and rinse your mouth with warm water after using it.

Ice Pack

Make a cold compress of a little ice in a plastic bag covered over with a thin cloth. Apply this pack to the affected area. It may reduce pain and act as an anti-inflammatory.


This is another natural remedy. Let a teaspoonful of myrrh powder simmer in two cups of water. Let it cool and strain it. Rinse your mouth with this. It will kill bacteria, relieve pain and reduce swelling.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can help relieve pain by covering a crack or exposed area if a filling has gone away. Always use a sugarfree variety.


With a thumb press the flesh between the thumb and the index finger on the other hand for about two minutes. This triggers the release of the hormones called endorphins.


This is another priceless age-old technique. The distraction of any type will divert your attention.

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